Frequently Asked Questions

Orders and Subscription

How do I place an order with TiffinStash? 

Explore - TiffinStash lets you browse various tiffin service providers. Use filters to narrow your search by cuisine or seller, and initiate your order once you find a meal you like. 

 Order - Choose your meal type, plan, start date, city and time. Provide delivery instructions, adjust the quantity, and add it to your cart along with any extras or additional tiffins. 

 Checkout - Review your cart and proceed to checkout. If you're not logged in, you'll need to do so or create an account. Enter your delivery address, check the total bill with taxes, and complete payment to place your order.

Can I set up a monthly order to be delivered on specific days of the week?
You can easily skip up to 10 delivery days (approximately 2 per week) in a monthly plan. If you need to skip more than two days in a week, it's better to opt for a weekly plan. Please specify your skip days of the week or specific dates to skip, by using the "Order Instructions" field on the order page to ensure your preferences are noted.
Can I make changes to my order?

Yes, if you need to correct a mistake or adjust your order due to changes in your situation, please contact our customer support at least one day before the next scheduled delivery by 9 PM. You can update personal details like your name, phone, email, and address, or modify your tiffin plan, delivery times for lunch or dinner, and much more.

Can I customize my meal or avoid some items?

Most of our tiffin sellers do not accommodate customizations or separate cooking requests. If you have specific preferences for food items, spice levels, or replacements, please specify them in the "Order Instructions (For Sellers)" section before adding items to your cart. While we will promptly relay this information to the seller, the acceptance and feasibility of such requests are solely at the seller's discretion, and there is no guarantee that they will be accommodated.

How does TiffinStash Reward Points work?

Customers can earn and redeem Stash Rewards in multiple ways with Tiffin Stash, enhancing their savings and experience: 

Sign Up: Earn 5 points instantly by creating an account. 

Place Orders: Accumulate 1 point for every dollar spent on orders.

Redeem Points: Use your points for discounts—every 100 points gives you $1 off your order. 

The more you engage and order, the more you save with Tiffin Stash. Enjoy delicious meals while making the most of your loyalty rewards! 

 Click the gift icon to earn and redeem the TiffinStash Reward points.

Is there a discount on monthly tiffins?

Our weekly and monthly tiffins come with automatic discounts, and no coupon code is required to enjoy reduced prices.

Delivery and Tracking

Are the meals prepared fresh and delivered daily?

Yes, our tiffin sellers prepare and pack meals fresh for each delivery day. At TiffinStash, we ensure that lunch and dinner tiffins are delivered separately, providing one fresh tiffin per day.

Is it possible to schedule tiffin deliveries to alternate addresses, such as my home on some days and my office on others?

Currently, our system cannot store two addresses for a single order. Instead, set the primary delivery address in your order for the location where you need most deliveries. When you need to switch to an alternate address, contact customer support at least one day before the required delivery date. Remember to notify customer support each time you wish to change the delivery address back or to another location.

Can you deliver upstairs?

Sorry, we are unable to deliver upstairs in apartments/condos, due to our long-distance sequential delivery system aimed at ensuring timely delivery for all customers. Please specify a clear ground-level drop-off location (lobby, reception, etc.) and your preferred notification method (call, text, or other) in the "Delivery Note" before you add tiffin to the cart. Do not include your address in the "Delivery Note" as it will be asked at the checkout.

Can you deliver at my preferred time?

Our delivery system aims at delivering tiffin within the time window, but may not allow for specific delivery time slots. TiffinStash uses a highly organized long-distance sequential delivery system. Drivers gather tiffins from a central hub and follow an optimized route for efficient deliveries which makes it difficult for us to deliver you on your preferred time

What happens if I'm not available to receive the delivery?

The driver will follow the delivery instructions you provide. If no instructions are given, the driver will attempt to call you. If unreachable, they will look for a safe drop-off point such as a concierge, lobby, or mail room. Failing that, they may place the tiffin near the nearest accessible door. Under unsuitable conditions, the driver may choose not to leave the tiffin. They will make 2-3 attempts to contact you and will wait up to 5 minutes at your location before moving on.

How can I track my delivery?

TiffinStash sends a tracking link via email and sms that includes the necessary details to track your delivery such as the estimated time of arrival. The link will be update with delivery proof when driver delivers your tiffin, with a time stamp. So, click on the provided link in the email/sms to access the tracking information and stay updated on the status of your order.

Need assistance?

For assistance with ongoing orders, please message our support team on WhatsApp at +1 647-507-8274 during our business hours:
Monday to Friday from 12:30 PM to 9:30 PM and Sunday from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Please note that holiday hours may vary.

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