Subscription Policy

Policy Outline

This subscription policy outlines the terms and conditions for ordering and receiving tiffin meals from TiffinStash. It covers order cut-off times, flexi plans, changes or modifying the order, extra items, void orders, and the cancellation policy.

Ordering Tiffins
  • Cut-Off: Orders must be placed before 9 PM to be processed for the next day's delivery. Orders placed after 9 PM cut-off will be processed for the following day's delivery.
  • Extra items can only be ordered along with a meal plan and from the same seller. Orders containing only extra items will be treated as void and will not be processed until a proper meal order is placed.
  • Delivery Area: Orders placed outside of the delivery area will be canceled and refunded after deducting the cancellation fee. TiffinStash is not liable for any order that is void or placed for outside delivery area.
  • Support: We recommend you to contact support if your city is not mentioned on the ordering page.
Order Instructions (for seller)
  • Skip/Pause Plan: You may specify skip days, alternate delivery days in this space. A monthly tiffin plan can be extended till a maximum of 8 weeks including all skips.
  • Food/Item Preference: You may provide us with one or two vegetables/items you dislike. However, please be aware that the tiffin seller may not have alternative options and might provide you the same food in 2 containers for that day. While we aim to accommodate these requests, they may not always be feasible.
  • Support: We recommend you to contact our support team to inquire about the possibility of arranging your preferences before placing the order.
Modify/Update an Existing Order
  • Cut-Off: Contact support before the 9 PM previous business day, to make any changes or modifications to your ongoing order. Any requests for changes after the cut-off time or on the scheduled day cannot be accommodated.
  • Changes Allowed: You may skip a delivery, pause your plan, switch your plan to another seller, downgrade or upgrade your tiffin plan, or cancel your plan. Kindly note, if you downgrade a tiffin, the balance value will be refunded as TiffinStash reward points worth that value, which you may redeem as a discount on your future order. All or any kind of refunds are subject to refund fee applicable.
  • Modification Allowed: You can modify your delivery address, delivery instructions, start date, or any or order instructions after placing the order as well. Please contact support one day prior before 9 PM to update the same.
  • Skip/Pause Limit: A maximum of 10 skips are allowed in weekly or monthly subscriptions. There is no limit to Pause plan. However, at a time we can only pause your tiffin and you will need to contact support 1 day prior to resume your tiffin.
Cancelling Order
  • Cut-Off: You have the option to cancel an ongoing tiffin by informing us before the 9 PM cut-off impacting the next day delivery schedule. However, please note the following: 
  • Cancellation fee of $5 applies to trial orders and $10 to all other orders and is applicable on all refund requests (also applicable on void orders).
  • Cancellation fee waiver: You may opt for a refund in Tiffinstash Wallet as reward points that allow you to waive the cancellation fee.
  • Cancel not allowed: Please be aware that once tiffins are delivered or on route, their value cannot be refunded.
  • Please be aware that during exceptional days marked by extreme weather conditions, snowstorms, or other unavoidable circumstances, canceling orders or requesting refunds will not be possible.
  • We'll make every effort to reach out to affected customers. Please note, in these situations, we won't be able to offer compensation for the inconvenience caused.
Customer Support Hours

Dedicated Customer Support Hours:

Monday to Friday: 12:30 PM to 9:30 PM | Sunday: 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Holiday hours may differ)                     

WhatsApp Support (Message-Only): 

You may message support for all existing order or ongoing orders by messaging us on WhatsApp (+1 647-507-8274).

Our support is currently messaging-only. This allows us to efficiently investigate and address your query. Rest assured, if necessary, we'll promptly reach out to you via call to provide further assistance. Please share your concern, and we'll do our utmost to assist you promptly. Thank you for your understanding.

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